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Workcool 2 Pants


Black, Khaki, Navy

77 - 112

Workcool 2 fabric technology using light and breathable cotton Ripstop fabric offering incredible tear resistance while remaining cool and comfy.

This technology is the result of years of research, with the KingGee innovation team hard at work to provide you the most comfortable pants possible, offering more airflow, less heat and a more comfortable fit.

Workcool 2 Pants are cooler, stronger and more comfortable. 

Modern, contoured fit 
Inner thigh cooling vents contain heavy duty mesh for added air circulation without sacrificing strength.
Cooling eyelets in the inner thighs to let heat escape
10 triple-stitched pockets with extra reinforcing,perfect for storing everything from drill bits to tape measures without worrying about holes or tears.

Colour: Black